The Public Has Spoken

Taming the Telomeres was distributed to Readers Favorite and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Check out the feedback here:

Here’s a sample:

Taming The Telomeres by R.N. Shapiro is a one of a kind legal/political/medical thriller that had me on the edge of my seat the entire time. The novel comprises relatable characters and a very unique and captivating plot set against the background of government conspiracies and cover-ups at the highest levels in the name of national security. I felt sorry for Amanda for having lost all memory of her past life, but at the same time I also felt relief for her; the memory loss in a way helped her cope through the most fragile days just after the accident. This is a deeply emotional story that had me rooting for the good guys to win, although at certain points I could not even tell who the good guys were because of all the twists. Another thing I really liked about the novel was the subtle drawings which gave me an even clearer image of the setting without taking my focus away from the storyline.”

-Faridah Nassozi