5-Star Review of Taming the Telomeres from Anne Boling

Anne Boling reviewed Taming the Telomeres on Readersfavorite.com. Here’s her review:

In Taming the Telomeres by R.N. Shapiro, we meet Andy Michaels, an attorney. A Hemispheres airplane crashes, killing his brother and sister-in-law; only his niece Amanda survives. Amanda has a mild brain injury leaving her with amnesia; she must wear a halo until her bones heal. Andy Michaels is suing the airline on behalf of his niece and several others who lost loved ones. Kent is a volunteer at the hospital. He and Amanda become close. Someone has bugged Amanda’s hospital room. Amanda’s father was a blood biologist and had given Amanda special treatments. The Chinese PRC is after her father’s research and the US has a mole. Can Amanda be protected?

Taming the Telomeres is a thriller that hooked me from the beginning. The scene in the introduction was a real attention grabber. Chapter one was filled with tension as the author allowed the momentum to build. Author R.N. Shapiro has included plenty of twists and turns. The characters are well developed and the plot flows smoothly from scene to scene. The plot is interesting and falls into the genres of intrigue, mystery, suspense, and a little sci-fi. I really liked the character of Amanda Michaels, although at times she seemed out of control – who wouldn’t be in her circumstances? I enjoyed watching the relationship between Amanda and David grow. Taming the Telomeres is a great read. Author R.N. Shapiro has created a tale that will keep readers eagerly turning the pages to see what happens next.