About R.N. Shapiro

“R.N.” stands for Richard Neal, although the author is usually known as Rick Shapiro. Rick is an international award winning author, prolific law blogger, inventor (holding 19 U.S. patents and various international patents), and also a practicing trial attorney.  Visit the author’s Facebook page on Taming the Telomeres, or check out some of the places and scenes featured in Taming the Telomeres on his Pinterest page.  The author’s first fiction thriller Taming the Telomeres became a #1 Amazon bestselling suspense thriller, and the sequel book, Targeting the Telomeres was published to advance readers in 2018.

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R.N. Shapiro researched Taming the Telomeres (TTT) for nearly 3 years before completing the fiction thriller manuscript, and drew from his experiences as an inventor and trial attorney, and as a Capitol Hill staff assistant before law school. Rick resided in the Washington, DC area during college and law school, and explored Middleburg, Virginia, Georgetown, and several of the geographical areas that appear in Taming the Telomeres. Less than a year after publishing ‘Taming’ the thriller captured the 2015 Readers Favorite “Gold Award” for top fiction thriller, in their international book award contest, then was named the 2015 New Apple Literary ebook Mystery/Thriller Medalist.  During May, 2016 Taming the Telomeres reached #1 on Amazon for e-book suspense action thrillers, and remained in the top ten best seller lists for 3 separate Amazon best seller categories during May 2016.  The author completed Targeting the Telomeres, the second in the telomere series, during 2018.

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He also authored a popular non-fiction social commentary novel titled “Faceplant: Chronicles of Facebook’s True Tales & Epic Fails” which was published by Outskirts Press.

Rick received his college degree from the University of Maryland, served as staff assistant to a U.S. Congressman, and graduated from George Mason University School of Law (with distinction). He practices law with Shapiro & Appleton law firm.

As an inventor, he holds over 18 U.S. patents, 4 Chinese patents, and has invented and designed a number of folding, compact consumer products, including folding wagons and carts, baby strollers and the like. In connection with inventing and designing, Rick has travelled to Europe, Japan, Taiwan and China. He licensed a folding wagon patent to Radio Flyer, and co-designed and co-invented a state of the art folding baby stroller product with Big Max, a European sporting goods company, under a new European venture launching Nikimotion baby strollers.

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He currently resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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