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Author comments on the secretive ‘High Level Meeting’ Chapter

A high level secret meeting occurs in this key chapter in Taming the Telomeres, but who are the executives and why are they discussing compensating the families of those killed in the Hemispheres jet crash?

A few clues are explained by the author, click here to visit the full  book bubble.hi level meeting

audiobook telomere cover art of Taming the Telomeres
 & Audiobook of Taming the Telomeres in Production

Narrator/Producer Mikael Naramore is producing the audiobook version of Taming the Telomeres, and the audio version should be available on and amazon by the end of 2015.  The ebook and paperback versions are available on Amazon.

Author Comments on Hand of Fate (Amanda’s Hamsa) Survival Chapter in Taming the Telomeres

Can just one trinket, one necklace, make a person identifiable to her family and friends so unmistakenly?  The “Hand of Fate” refers to Amanda’s hand necklace (hamsa necklace) that her rescuer mentions as having been distinctive.  Read more here:

Taming the Telomeres wins Gold Award for top thriller

Taming the Telomeres wins Gold Award for top thriller

Amanda's Hamsa (Hand of Fate)

Amanda’s Hamsa (Hand of Fate)

Author Insights: Middleburg Sadness Chapter from Taming the Telomeres, A Thriller

The story shifts to the prestigious Middleburg Academy where faculty and students are shocked to learn that Amanda Michaels and family members may have been on the jet that crashed in Pennsylvania, enroute to NYC. Click here to read the inside discussion:

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News Article Cites ‘Author Creativity’ in Success of Taming the Telomeres, A Thriller Capturing Gold Award

Many, many thanks to Irene Bowers, who wrote a nice article about the “creativity” of Taming the Telomeres, and what is behind the fiction thriller capturing the 2015 Gold Award from Readers Favorite in its international book award contest.

Read more in her Virginian-Pilot Beacon article titled: “CREATIVITY IS BUILT INTO THIS AUTHOR’S DNA

Taming the Telomeres named Gold Award Winner

Taming the Telomeres named Gold Award Winner

Author Insights on “Air Disaster” chapter from Award Winning Thriller: Taming the Telomeres

This discussion is about the moments when Andy Michaels first learns his close family members were on a Hemispheres jet that crashed in PA. Click here to read the full interactive chapter discussions.

air disaster

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