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Please weigh in on my new thriller book cover design poll (Targeting the Telomeres)

Its down to 6 semi-finalists and I hope you will share your preference with me.  This relates to the sequel to Taming the Telomeres, fiction thriller a #1 Amazon best seller.  The sequel picks up soon after my first novel ends, involving Amanda Michaels and a new family crisis.

R.N. Shapiro’s book cover design poll for Targeting the Telomeres

2 covers

Two semi finalist book covers for Targeting the Telomeres book contest

What’s a Telomere?

telomere imageEvery chromosome has a special ending or cap called a telomere.  It’s like the plastic tip protecting the end of a shoelace.  When a cell divides, some of the telomere is lost.   But some enzymes can cause cell telomeres to have more cell divisions, extending cell life. Sound Intriguing? Read Taming the Telomeres to find out just how valuable telomere biological research is.


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