Get A Free Preview of Taming the Telomeres Now!

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Simply  click on this link to enter your name and e-mail address. We’ll then immediately send you Taming the Telomeres Preview in e-book form.

How to open your free download of Taming the Telomeres on e-readers:

1. Send an email copy of your free download of this book to your email account on your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or computer with your e-book reader.

2. From the email, on your iPad or tablet, click on the e-book,

3. iPads and iPhones-forward the PDF to either iBooks or Kindle reader, by finding the icon that allows you to forward the e-book and shows one of those applications. Once you click on that icon and forward the e-book to your preferred reading application, it will show up on your iBooks bookshelf or in your Kindle library like any other e-book.

4. Microsoft computers–you can read Taming the Telomeres as an e-book just by clicking to open the e-copy version of the book, with functionality like many e-books. Kindle has an app for Microsoft surface tablets, and for other new microsoft pc software applications also that may allow e-book reading functionality that will be similar to your Kindle or iPad experience.

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